How to Care for Dental Implants: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

If you've recently invested in dental implants or are considering the option, you're on the right track! Dental implants have transformed countless smiles, offering a natural feel and long-lasting solution. But, as with all good things, they require proper care. Dr. Ahanor, a seasoned dentist with years of experience in implant placement and maintenance, shares some invaluable insights. Let's dive into the essentials of how to care for dental implants and keep them shining bright.

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Dentist Recommendations for Tooth Replacement: Why 9 Out of 10 Dentists Recommend Implants Over Dentures

For many individuals over the age of 45, the best options for tooth replacement become a significant concern. With over two decades in the dental field, experts have witnessed the evolution of tooth replacement methods. The consensus among many professionals is a strong preference for dental implants over traditional dentures.

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Aligning Teeth: Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces - Which Wins?

A radiant smile is more than just a physical attribute; it is a gateway to confidence and self-assuredness. Aligned teeth play a pivotal role in achieving that confident smile, contributing to an individual's self-esteem and overall well-being. When it comes to teeth alignment, two primary options stand out: Invisalign vs. traditional braces. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of both solutions, exploring their benefits, considerations, and real-world success stories. Whether you're a young woman seeking to align your teeth discreetly or are looking for the most effective treatment, read on to discover which option suits your needs best.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sleep Apnea and Dental Health

For those curious about the connection between sleep apnea and dental health, this guide sheds light on the intricate relationship between the two. With over 20 years in the dental field, the author has witnessed firsthand how these seemingly unrelated topics intertwine. So, let's delve into this captivating subject.

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Sleep Apnea: What You Need to Know and How Your Dentist Can Help

By Dr. Rosemary, Aglow Dental Studio, Reston, VA. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder characterized by repeated interruptions in breathing during sleep. These interruptions can last for a few seconds to minutes and may occur hundreds of times a night. But did you know that your dentist can play a pivotal role in identifying and managing sleep apnea? Let's delve into the ins and outs of this condition.

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Brighter Smile Showdown: Lumineers or Porcelain Veneers? By Dr. Rosemary of Aglow Dental Studio, Reston, VA

Ever watched someone flash a stunning smile and wondered how they achieved it? Chances are, they might have been introduced to the magic of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Rosemary often shares how women, especially those aged 35 and above, flock to her clinic, Aglow Dental Studio, eager to explore their smile transformation options. The biggest showdown? Lumineers versus Porcelain Veneers. Let's delve into it! Ever watched someone flash a stunning smile and wondered how they achieved it? Chances are, they might have been introduced to the magic of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Rosemary often shares how women, especially those aged 35 and above, flock to her clinic, Aglow Dental Studio, eager to explore their smile transformation options. The biggest showdown? Lumineers versus Porcelain Veneers. Let's delve into it!

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Tooth Infection Spreading: Signs You Can't Ignore

By Dr. Rosemary, Aglow Dental Studio, Reston, VA. Residents of Reston and beyond, Dr. Rosemary of Aglow Dental Studio is here to shed light on a topic often overlooked – spreading tooth infections. Using a blend of professional expertise, personal anecdotes, and a dash of humor, she's about to dive deep. So, grab your toothbrush and let's journey through the world of dental health together.

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Choosing the Right Dental Implant - Discover Your Options at Aglow Dental Studio

At Aglow Dental Studio in Reston, VA, the team often encounters patients curious about dental implants. From the young adult who faced an unexpected sports injury to the senior looking to rejuvenate their smile, the options can seem endless. Let's dive deep into the world of dental implants and discover which might be the best fit for you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Dental Crowns Last (Almost) Forever: A Comprehensive Guide for Adults Over 25

Dental crowns are more than just an aesthetic addition to your smile; they’re a significant investment in your oral health. Let’s dive into understanding how best to maximize their lifespan.

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5 Signs You Need a Root Canal NOW

Hey there, fellow tooth guardians! Ever shuddered at the mention of a root canal? You're not alone. But sometimes, it's the hero our teeth need. Recognizing the "signs of needing a root canal" early can save you a lot of pain, time, and money. Let's dive in and see if your teeth are sending you any SOS signals.

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Veneers: Transforming Smiles and Boosting Confidence

In the ever-evolving realm of cosmetic dentistry, veneers stand out as a revolutionary offering, granting individuals the golden opportunity to sport their dream smile. At Aglow Dental Studio, located in the heart of Reston, VA, we've been privileged to observe the transformative magic of veneers up close. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of veneers and explore how they can be a blessing for many.

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Why Invisalign is the Best Investment You'll Ever Make

For those who have contemplated a straighter smile without the metallic appearance of traditional braces, there's good news. The dental field has evolved significantly over the years, and Invisalign stands out as a revolutionary solution in orthodontic treatments.

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A Simple Fix for Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

Your smile is the first thing people noticeabout you. When you show your smile, people feel connected with you. When youhide your smile, they feel disconnected. People also believe you are unhappy,not confident, or not interested in them.

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How to Know if You Are a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry

People who are embarrassed about their smile tend to hide it. They cover their teeth with their hands while talking or smiling or with their mouth closed when being photographed.

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What Options Do I Have To Replace Missing Teeth?

If you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth in Reston, you may be wondering what options you have for replacing your missing teeth and restoring your smile. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the top options provided by Dr. Ahanor at our office. Read on, and get an overview of your options for replacing missing teeth in Reston. 

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Why Do I Get Toothaches on Airplanes?

Toothaches should not be occurring in healthy teeth as a result of cabin air pressure. If you experience toothaches on airplanes, you should contact us at Aglow Dental Studio for a checkup and cleaning. Dr. Rosemary Ahanor can treat the source of the problem so your next flight goes by smoothly and comfortably.

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Caring for Patients Through Covid

I was recently honored to be invited as a panelist by Sheila Dixon of the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce, which was organized by the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce and held in collaboration with the Fairfax Department of Health in Virginia. This event was held for small business owners like myself to speak freely on topics that range from concerns around COVID-19, its vaccine, navigating the pandemic as a business owner, tips and resources on operating a business during the pandemic, and how us business owners can continue to move towards COVID-19 recovery. 

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Can I See The Dentist Safely During COVID-19?

Nearly a year after it began, the COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting our everyday lives. If you’ve been putting off routine dental care due to COVID-19, we understand. But at Aglow Dental Studio, we’re doing everything we can to provide you with a safe, comfortable visit.

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If you’re looking for a trusted, expert dentist in Reston, Dr. Ahanor would love to meet you! She studied dentistry at the prestigious New York University College of Dentistry, then completed her residency training at Saint Elizabeths Hospital in D.C.

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