Caring for Patients Through Covid

In collaboration with the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce

A letter from Dr. Rosemary Ahanor

I was recently honored to be invited as a panelist by Sheila Dixon of the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce, which was organized by the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce and held in collaboration with the Fairfax Department of Health in Virginia. This event was held for small business owners like myself to speak freely on topics that range from concerns around COVID-19, its vaccine, navigating the pandemic as a business owner, tips and resources on operating a business during the pandemic, and how us business owners can continue to move towards COVID-19 recovery. 

Aglow Dental Studio started its construction right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, so this was an opportunity to speak on how we have navigated and continued to explore ways to consistently provide quality dental care to our patients in a safe environment.

During the panelist discussion, questions about accessing resources as a business were shared and discussed. We touched upon key steps and modifications to make businesses and its employees feel safe at work. Virtual tool kits were also accessible by the organizers to the attendees.

At Aglow Dental Studio, we implemented changes such as ADA COVID-19 screening protocols, masks, barrier placements, and social distancing measures, even for our staff in the lunch break rooms. Our staff was continuously trained on COVID-19 guidance protocol throughout the pandemic.

Our office is paperless, which allows patients to fill out the needed paperwork at home, thereby eliminating any need to stay in the waiting area. We are also able to do virtual consultations and virtual emergency visits as an option for patients. 

Acknowledging COVID-19’s economic effect on businesses and individuals, Aglow Dental Studio also implemented free consultations with no-fee X-rays, extended hours, plus emergency care and payment plans for procedures above a certain range. We have also implemented a reduced new patient special fee for those that may have lost dental insurance during the pandemic layoffs.

During the panel discussion, other small business owners expressed the challenges they faced, and how they implemented changes to better help clients navigate and access services. The following resources were given as part of the virtual tool kits for individuals and small businesses:

COVID-19 Relief for Businesses

Best practices for Business Management

COVID-19 Services /Resources

At Aglow Dental Studio, our goal is to prioritize your oral health, starting with your overall health. Our mission is to provide modern, accessible care with a comprehensive approach. Reach out to us by call, or text (703) 651-6130 or visit us online. You can also follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.

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