Root Canals in reston

Why do I need a Root Canal?

Root canals are only required if you have an infected tooth. A tooth becomes infected when the outer layers of dentin and enamel are destroyed, exposing the vulnerable, nerve-filled “pulp” inside the tooth to oral bacteria.

Most commonly, this happens due to chronic, untreated tooth decay. A cavity can eat through the enamel and expose the pulp. However, an oral injury can also crack and destroy the outer layers of the teeth and cause a tooth infection.

If you have a sore tooth, you’ve recently broken or cracked a tooth, or you’re noticing other issues that may indicate an infection like a discolored tooth or discolored gum tissue around one tooth, contact Aglow Dental Studio for a consultation with Dr. Ahanor right away.

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Did you know…

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Root canal therapy has a success rate of 95%, making it a very safe and effective way to save infected teeth.

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How does the Root Canal Process work?

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Cleaning & Numbing

To begin the process, Dr. Ahanor will clean your mouth and numb the treatment area to ensure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

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opening the tooth

Next, Dr. Ahanor will use a dental drill to remove any decayed and damaged material from the tooth, and to create a small opening in the top of the tooth.

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Cleaning inside the tooth

Through the small opening made in the tooth, Dr. Ahanor will use special dental tools to remove all of the remaining infected pulp and clean out the inside of the tooth. Once this is done, it will be flushed and sanitized.

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sealing & protecting the tooth

Once the tooth has been properly prepared, it will be filled with a rubber-like material that will replace the now-missing pulp, and covered with a filling or a crown to protect it.

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does it hurt to get a root canal?

No. Root canal therapy, despite its reputation in popular culture, is a pain-free process. Dr. Ahanor uses anesthetic spray and injections to make sure that the nerves near your treatment site are completely numb. 

Once your procedure is done, your tooth may feel a little bit tender for a few days, but this will go away quickly. 

In fact, compared to the pain of a toothache caused by a tooth infection, root canal therapy causes much less pain and discomfort. So if you are in pain, don’t hesitate. Getting a root canal in Reston from Dr. Rosemary Ahanor is the best choice.

what is root canal retreatment?

In some cases, one root canal treatment may not be enough to fully remove the source of the infection. In this case, root canal retreatment is used.

As the name suggests, Dr. Ahanor will basically just repeat the initial root canal procedure at Aglow Dental Studio. She will open up the tooth, clean inside, and make sure the infection has been completely eliminated.

However, additional x-rays and imaging may be required to identify hidden structures of the teeth that may have not been properly cleaned during your first root canal, as this is the most common reason that initial root canal treatment may fail.

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